Thi Corbineau-Will

I had this great opportunity to be put in full time French Training to get the elusive C. As great fate would have it, I was placed in an advanced class with Martin. I knew that this was going to be a mental marathon, simply because of my anxiety and the fact that I had taken this exam about 8 times and always received a B. Martin is fantastic. He has years experience working with OLA and public servants and knows the intricacies of the exams themselves, as well as the intense pressure we put on ourselves and the stress that comes with doing this. With thoughtful meaningful interactive diverse lesson plans, I truly enjoyed my time. I learned to speak more naturally (less robotic) in our second language and saw it as a conversation verses an interrogation in a government context. Feedback was swift, empathetic, but targeted. Which allowed me to understand where misunderstandings can happen in any setting. I highly recommend Martin to help you with your French language journey! I am so grateful that I had this opportunity! I got my C!