Aislin Gillis

I worked with Martin in a small group setting for federal government language competencies, and it was honestly a wonderful experience as I felt I was able to continue to improve my language competencies in grammar and phonetical work along with feeling comfortable and more proficient speaking French with ease. His training varied from other standardized classes and I feel he brings a more natural approach to teaching that helped me not just focus on the points in competencies I needed to work on but also feel comfortable speaking with ease on various subjects and critical thinking! I love how he makes learning a language not a task but an opportunity!

Thi Corbineau-Will

I had this great opportunity to be put in full time French Training to get the elusive C. As great fate would have it, I was placed in an advanced class with Martin. I knew that this was going to be a mental marathon, simply because of my anxiety and the fact that I had taken this exam about 8 times and always received a B. Martin is fantastic. He has years experience working with OLA and public servants and knows the intricacies of the exams themselves, as well as the intense pressure we put on ourselves and the stress that comes with doing this. With thoughtful meaningful interactive diverse lesson plans, I truly enjoyed my time. I learned to speak more naturally (less robotic) in our second language and saw it as a conversation verses an interrogation in a government context. Feedback was swift, empathetic, but targeted. Which allowed me to understand where misunderstandings can happen in any setting. I highly recommend Martin to help you with your French language journey! I am so grateful that I had this opportunity! I got my C!

Yvette Young

Hi there, I would like to endorse Martin Bourassa as a French instructor and tutor. I was a student of his for 6 months last year where he brought my French linguistic and speaking abilities from a B level to a C level. I learned so much from him and the other students in the class. In fact, I am now in a position where I speak, write, and read French daily. A huge thank you to you Martin and I sincerely wish you all the best in this new endeavour.

Clarisse Aya Yoshida

I studied with Martin in an advanced level class with the goal of obtaining my CBC. He is very familiar with the model of the exam the Government uses, so we practiced a lot of simulation over questions and topics of interest. By getting immediate feedback, and working on issues like ‘fossilizations’ (errors you make over and over again) I got noticeably better in little time, and had a good idea of how to answer many work related questions in a C way more naturally. Also he has access to A LOT of really good material that is actually interesting. He tries hard to keep study time fun and casual, so joining class was a pleasure! Absolutely recommend! Good luck!