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List of simulators

Level A

  • Basic Simulator
  • Réchauffement
  • Donner des directions
  • Les conditions de travail
  • Expliquer l’emploi actuel
  • Les exigences du poste
  • Décrire et comparer

Level B

  • Raconter et comparer
  • Les loisirs
  • Jugement ou opinion
  • Anticipation des projets futurs
  • Gestion et leadership
  • Hypotèses réelles

Level C

  • Hypothèses irréelles
  • Hypothèses passées
  • Donner des conseils
  • Justification
  • Opinion nuancée
  • Jeux de rôle
  • Complete Simulator

Welcome to the French Professor! This website was specifically designed to help public servants get the level they want in the Oral Language Assessment (OLA), by using tools and resources that can be found in one convenient place.

We offer 21 simulators which contain over 600 questions to better prepare you for the OLA. The Basic Simulator is free and we ask for a monthly donation of 2 $ to use the 20 other simulators.

Under the Resources tab, you will find tools, tips and tricks that will give you an edge before you even start the assessment, while under the Documents tab, you will find documents which were used for older online tools that are no longer available but that are still useful. Be sure to check both these tabs out!

The French Professor also offers 4 different classes: OLA Live Simulation, OLA Tutoring, Conversation, and our brand new Regular classes, if you’d like to simply learn French!


03-17: I’ll be offering classes again in April. Book your spot now!

01-17: Added back to my website the audio files in which I’m asking the oral exam basic questions.

01-02: Added a new tab called “Documents” in which you will find the documents for several older learning tools that are now harder or impossible to find on the Web. The first tool added is “Les modules”.


I studied with Martin in an advanced level class with the goal of obtaining my CBC. He is very familiar with the model of the exam the Government uses, so we practiced a lot of simulation over questions and topics of interest. By getting immediate feedback, and working on issues like ‘fossilizations’ (errors you make […]

Clarisse Aya Yoshida

I had 2 weeks before my oral French exam and reached out desperately to the French Professor for some intensive lessons. Martin responded immediately and was able to fit in 8 1-hr lessons before my exam (I am abroad, so finding times was challenging!). We did a number of simulation exams – all exact replicas […]

Deidre Yukich