Welcome to the French Professor! This website was specifically designed to help public servants get the level they want in the Oral Language Assessment (OLA), by using tools and resources that can be found in one convenient place.

We offer 20 simulators which contain over 600 questions to better prepare you for the OLA, as well as tips that will give you an edge before you even start the assessment. We are currently working on some new tools as well.

If you need extra help, try one of our classes. We offer simulations and tutoring focused on the OLA. We will share with you exercises, tools, tips and feedback that come from our experience in helping students with their oral exam.


08-05: Added 2 new resources; Exercices de français pour étrangers et PP l’archer. Those are great to relax while learning French! Also added 3 new simulators; Les conditions de travail, Les exigences du postes, and Les loisirs.

07-26: Added a new resource; Jeux du portail linguistique. If you need a challenge, look no further!

07-25: Added a new tool; Audio Files. You can nos listen to questions in French to train your ear before your oral exam.


I had this great opportunity to be put in full time French Training to get the elusive C. As great fate would have it, I was placed in an advanced class with Martin. I knew that this was going to be a mental marathon, simply because of my anxiety and the fact that I had […]

Thi Corbineau-Will

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